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Section II. Free Response — 5 Questions | 2 Hours (includes a 15-minute reading period) | 50% of Exam Score. Translation: Vergil (1 passage) and Caesar (1 passage); Analytical essay (1 prompt); Short answer: Vergil (5 to 7 questions) and Caesar (5 to 7 questions)
2017 AP. ®. LATIN FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS. LATIN. SECTION II. Total Time—2 hours. Reading period—15 minutes. Writing period—1 hour and 45 minutes. You may begin writing your responses before the reading .... In a well-developed essay, analyze Aeneas' reactions to these encounters. BE SURE TO REFER
2016 AP. ®. LATIN FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS. SECTION II. Total Time—2 hours. Reading period—15 minutes. Writing period—1 hour and 45 minutes. You may begin writing your responses .... In a well-developed essay, analyze how each speaker justifies his feelings to the one(s) he is addressing. BE SURE TO
You can use the free response questions and scoring guidelines below as you prepare for the AP Latin.
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2014 The College Board. Visit the College Board on the Web: www.collegeboard.org. GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. -2-. 2014 AP LATIN FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS. ®. LATIN ... well-developed essay, analyze how Caesar's accounts of the battles reveal his judgment about the soldiers' actions. BE SURE TO REFER
518 AP Latin. Ms. Murphy. Nomen: Essay Prompt. Directions: The following essay should take you 20 MINUTES AT MOST to prepare and complete. You are on your honor, so please refrain from using your dictionary, or notes. Please type your essay and submit it to TurnItIn.com by midnight tonight. Here is our TurnItIn login
Practice AP Essays Prompts. 20 minute prompts = 4-6 good paragraphs. 40 minute prompts = 6-10 good paragraphs. Support your assertions with references drawn from throughout the passage. All Latin words must be copied or their line numbers provided, AND they must be translated or paraphrased closely enough so.
From Virgil to Caesar, Albert's AP® Latin practice questions will help you build a foundation in Classics.
AP Latin essay rpompt written in the style of the college board, based on De Bello Gallico 1.3. Includes an essay planning chart that is already filled in (to be removed before giving to students, of course!)

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